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Interlab, designers and manufacturers of critical cleaning and hardcoating equipment, based in Danbury, Connecticut USA, announce the appointment of Optronics UK, the Manchester based supplier of Optical machinery, as their Sales and Service agents for the European Ophthalmic Industry.


Optronics UK will provide technical and sales support for new and existing Interlab customers.


In the course of its forty six years in business, Interlab has supplied over one thousand critical wet-chemistry processing systems into the North American Semi-Conductor, Precision Optics and Ophthalmic markets. The systems have been used in applications ranging from Intra-ocular lenses to the 2.5 metre reflector used in the Hubble Space Telescope.


Optronics UK can be contacted at or 0044 (0) 161 926 3100.




For Contact Washing of Ophthalmic Lenses 


Interlab’s Carousel Pre-Washer offers ophthalmic labs and lens manufacturers a fast, automated approach to lens pre-cleaning. Designed for removal of gross contamination prior to a final “precision cleaning”, the Carousel replaces tedious hand-washing operations generally used for removal of polishing compounds and other macro residues. The innovative transfer system from which the unit takes its name allows simultaneous “contact-cleaning” of both sides of each lens with a gentle but thorough brush washing technique.


Occupying little more than a 3 ft. cube, this compact “in-line” processor features separate load and unload locations for continuous handling of up to 4 pairs of lenses per minute (480 lenses/hr.). PLC-control combines sophisticated processing and parameter monitoring, with simple, thought-free operation.  The process includes dual-sided brush cleaning, filtered recirculating detergent sump, spray rinse, and blow-off. Lenses are dry, spot-free, and approach dip-coat-quality cleanliness, uniquely preparing them for precision cleaning and eventual dip coating.





Interlab’s critical rinsing sink incorporates its own water regenerating facilities.  Applications include electronics , optics, and any critical rinsing utility application.


Self contained console incorporates DI treatment, DI water heating, and high-volume pump.  Single tank version, which reduces water waste to zero, is ideal for relatively clean parts.  Multiple staged systems with spray off and other functions are also available.







Interlab's Sonicoat-16W cleaning / hard-coating processor now offers rinsing efficiencies that meet and exceed  semiconductor standards. The efficiency of the final rinsing stage that follows the high performance two-phase pre-rinse (spray) in the Sonicoat 16W, is unique in the ophthalmic lens processing industry. To achieve this performance, an oversized pump, coupled with parallel resin beds and heated reservoir, generate, recover and re-purify all of the ultrapure water fed to the final rinse stage. The amount of ultra-pure water discarded to drain, is limited to that used in the initial 30-second spray pre-rinsing process.


Excluding drain and fill times, and capillary sheet-off drying, the 20 litre final rinse tank overflows for a minimum of three minutes per five-minute cycle. Given a flow-rate of 23 litres per minute, this equates to more than 68 litres (18 US gallons) total overflow, or a volume exchange rate of 3.4 changes per cycle. This volume exchange rate meets and exceeds semiconductor processing standards for ultra-pure rinsing processes and far surpasses the rinsing performance of any other cleaning/coating processor in the ophthalmic industry, including all other models of Interlab's own manufacture.

This unique level of rinsing efficiency, coupled with the processing advantages made possible by the ease with which the priming and coating assemblies of the Sonicoat-16W processor may be removed and replaced, renders the equipment especially advantageous in applications using difficult-to-remove cleaning agents, or where ultimate cleanliness standards must prevail.







Interlab's latest addition to its line of integrated cleaning and hard-coating processors, is a medium capacity system that features multiple, fast replaceable, priming and coating stages. The Sonicoat-16W system pictured above, incorporates four priming/coating stages, all of which are readily removable and sufficiently self-contained, so that after removal, they can, at a remote location, be drained, cleaned, refilled and maintained in standby mode, ready for re-use as desired.  Any coating-stage may be removed and replaced, so that the system can be in operation again with another stage, carrying a different chemistry, in less than ten minutes.   Capacity is 190 - 240 lenses per hour.


For larger capacity lens manufacturing applications, a modular hybrid version of the Sonicoat-16W is offered.  Capacity of the Sonicoat-16M manufacturing version is 380 lenses per hour, using a 2.5 minute cycle.