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Among the most critical of “metal finishing” applications, is the manufacture of ball bearings, requiring levels of precision, and therefore cleanliness, equal to and sometimes exceeding those of precision optical requirements. The system shown is a precision oiler, used for application of a very thin coating of lubricant in a volatile carrier solvent, recapturing escaped vapor and minimizing operator exposure.

In post-finishing cleaning of ball bearings, as with other critical cleaning operations, it is not just the washing stage that is important. In fact in most cases, it is the final rinsing and drying stages that are most likely to result in particulate and film contamination. Interlab’s Soniscan® line of aqueous cleaning systems has been developed to deliver critically clean surfaces using a holistic approach to contamination elimination.

Spot-free rinsing and drying is achieved using on-board DI regeneration facilities to ensure the availability of high-purity hot DI water, in copious quantities, but with almost no waste. Work is then capillary-dried and placed in a patented HEPA-filtered evaporative dryer for contamination-free drying.

See our Soniscan® page for more details on this versatile critical cleaning system.