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Special FPD Issues

Closely related to the micro-electronics, semiconductor, and precision optics industries, flat panel manufacturing must draw its technology from all three sources. Substrates made of high-purity glass may be cleaned using ultrasonic washing, high pressure spraying, or brush or sponge washing. Generation of thin-film semiconductors, and application of thin-films require critical cleaning and photolithographic processes almost as critical as those used in state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing.

Custom Solutions

Because of Interlab’s long-term involvement in custom systems for all these various sectors, we are uniquely qualified to provide high-purity processing equipments for critical processing of displays up to almost any size. Interlab can design equipment to handle etching, stripping, or cleaning, using immersion, spray, and brush processing techniques. Our manual or fully automated equipment uses the best available plastic or stainless steel materials for the application. Benches with fume hoods, HEPA hoods, or no hood at all, can incorporate chemical delivery, spray or dump-rinsing, hot DI final rinsing, and critically clean evaporative drying.