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Critical Needs

The “micro-electronics” industries, including hybrid circuits, micro-electro-optic devices and other “micro-circuitry”, as well as “macro” semiconductor and crystal devices, are only slightly less sensitive to contamination than the semiconductor industry itself, and have critical processing requirements very similar to those of precision optical processing. Elimination of trace contaminants, in some cases in the form of ionic “materials contamination” but more typically very small, and even sub-micron particle contamination, is critical to successful material preparation, metallization, photolithography, and packaging processes.

Cleaning Better

Throughout our lengthy history in this industry, we have developed high-purity systems for de-fluxing, etching, photolithography, and critical cleaning of ceramics and a variety of electronic materials. Our systems are available with full HEPA enclosures, in some cases avoiding the need for entire cleanrooms. The Soniscan® line, with built-in hot DI water recirculation, and patented HEPA-filtered MD-250 evaporative dryers, delivers unsurpassed levels of contamination elimination and control, without damage to surfaces.

For Less $$––

Better yet, the technology that delivers this enhanced contamination control actually reduces operating costs by reusing nearly all of the energy and media resources. Interlab equipment frequently pays for itself entirely through reduced operating costs in relation to the processes it replaces. Systems available can be as simple as hot DI recirculation “sinks”, or HEPA-filtered dryers, or the most sophisticated, fully automated standard and custom processing systems.