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Implant Post-Fabrication and Pre-Package Cleaning

The medical implant industry shares the concerns of the semiconductor and precision optical industries over contamination elimination. While medical devices may be more tolerant of very small micro-contaminants, they are very intolerant of viable biological contamination. Our experience with HEPA enclosures and ultra-pure processes with critical cleaning levels well beyond those of concern to the medical industry (including pathogenic contaminants) inevitably lead us into the medical field, supplying systems for cleaning and passivating orthopedic implants


In addition to implantable devices, Interlab systems are used in the fabrication of critical electro-optical devices for medical imaging. Recently, a primary concern for all medical manufacturers and their overseers has become traceability. Interlab’s sophisticated automated processing equipment incorporates comprehensive parameter monitoring and data storage facilities, and can be configured for integration with factory-wide control and data logging systems. We can track work in process, and offer a range of features and sophistication to permit easier process qualification, verification, and compliance with FDA regulations.