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Integrated Custom Systems

Interlab manufactures custom silicon wafer cleaning systems, as well as etching and stripping benches for micro-lithographic operations. We supply simple manual benches, as well as sophisticated, fully automated equipment. Using the highest purity materials available, Interlab offers fume hood and HEPA-filtered hood configurations. Our innovative, non-contaminating transfer robotics deliver reliable service, as well as excellent maintainability.

Compliance to Industry Standards

Systems are designed and built to the specifications of the customer. In addition to the chemical process tanks, custom systems can incorporate dump-rinsers, final hot DI water rinsing, DI recirculation, high-purity evaporative drying, alcohol drying, ultrasonics and megasonics, fluid delivery, flame-retardant construction, etc. We fabricate benches in both plastics and stainless steel. All systems, including flammable solvent processes , meet National Electrical Codes, and we are also able to offer compliance with SEMI, CE, or other applicable safety codes, as required.

Wafer “Scanning”, VPD, and Spectral Analysis

Interlab’s FlashScan® automatic VPD sample preparation system is used prior to ICP-MS, TXRF, or ion-trap MS analysis. Our newest model incorporates ion-trap MS within the Class 10 robotic cell, offering trace contaminant detection, to previously unattainable levels, with no operator interaction, and requiring only “operator-level” skills.

Historical Footnote

Working closely with IBM in the earliest days of the semiconductor industry, Interlab developed much of the first wet-chemistry semiconductor equipment ever used. Now, nearly 50 years later, Interlab remains in the vanguard of high-purity wet process system manufacturers.