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Based on the Most Advanced Technology

Interlab’s high-purity, pre-coat optics cleaning system evolved directly from our Semiconductor equipment designs. The semiconductor industry, which gave Interlab its birth many decades ago, demanded the absolute highest purity possible for their cleaning and chemical processes. Only “aqueous" processing was considered for their purposes, because organic solvent processes leave residues, albeit at levels which are not usually of concern in less critical industries.

Bragging Rights

Interlab’s semiconductor-based technology allowed us to approach precision optics cleaning “from the top, down”, while most of the cleaning equipment industry used “general-industrial” approaches that were not as critical as the applications demanded. Our processing insight and equipment proved ideal for critical optical applications, and led to, among other things, an invitation to design and build a critical cleaning system for the primary mirror of the Hubble Space Telescope (the coating of which was an unqualified success!).

Holistic Cleaning

We now offer our Soniscan® line of critical aqueous cleaners for pre-coat as well as post-polish applications. Adopting what might be considered “a holistic” approach to cleaning, Interlab does not concentrate merely on the ultrasonic washing technology. In very critical processing, it is the efficacy of the pre-rinse, the purity of the final rinse, and contaminant-free drying that ultimately hold the key to success. Enclosed mini-environments, free of environmental debris can also be instrumental in achieving the levels of pristine cleanliness required for precision optics.

Product Spectrum

In addition to complete, turn-key systems, our critical sub-components are available as stand-alone units. These include high-purity dryers, hot DI rinse and recirculation systems (with capillary drying), and combination rinser/dryers. We also manufacture a line of totally custom “Micro-Rinse” systems which can be sized and provisioned for any special parts or process requirements, including solvent washing, acid or caustic etching, and dip-coating.