A Long History in the Industry

Interlab gained a foothold in the ophthalmic (prescription lens) industry in the late ’80s, when anti-reflective (A/R) coating was just beginning to gain acceptance in the US market, and when solvents were gradually being eliminated from cleaning processes.  At that time, Interlab was enjoying a growing reputation in the precision optics industry for our pre-vacuum-coat-quality cleaning processes that were already completely free of organic solvents. Using these established aqueous processes, originally developed for semiconductor work, it was a simple matter to adapt existing equipment designs for use with ophthalmic lenses. Since that time, our Soniscan® critical cleaning systems, equipped with HEPA-filtered clean hoods, have become the accepted standard for pre-A/R as well as pre-dip-coat cleaning.

Moving Beyond Cleaning

Working closely with such companies as Zeiss, Coburn, LOH, Balzers, J&J, and many others, we have pioneered numerous innovative products, including a comprehensive line of thermally-cured hard-coating systems. These fully automated Sonicoat®  process systems incorporate our Soniscan® cleaning technology, along with sophisticated dip-coating techniques, pre-curing, and in some cases, even final curing facilities.

Or Even Before Cleaning

We now also offer an “in-line” brush-washer system designed to relieve operators of repetitive hand scrubbing operations after polishing or de-blocking. This compact, high capacity system saves labor and eliminates potential operator injury caused by this tedious operation. It cleans better, and prevents handling damage.

Into the Future

As Interlab works to remain the premier cleaning and hard-coating equipment provider for the ophthalmic industry, we will continue to innovate both old and new processes with existing and yet-to-be-dreamed-of products.